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Akashic Ventures are Leeds’ newest event marketing company. We create dynamic and engaging spaces where we can meet and interact with consumers on a face-to-face basis. These appealing spaces are where our team of highly trained and professional sales contractors work to increase customer acquisitions and promote a positive brand awareness for our client’s business brand.

Customer service is at the forefront of all of our event marketing campaigns. Our client’s trust us to be able to represent their brand to the highest standard and to acquire long-standing customers for their business. Through this expert customer service, we help our client’s to build up their business by increasing sales revenues and retaining larger numbers of customers, while always promoting a positive brand awareness within the marketplace.

Akashic Ventures is a specialist firm, so our clients outsource their sales and marketing requirements to us because we provide a cost effective solution with guaranteed results. With business expenses continuing to increase, companies want a solution that they can trust will give them results. We bring results on a no win, no fee basis! Our staff and contractors are trained to be the best in the industry, and Akashic Ventures have a desire to exceed expectations continually.

Services Provided by Akashic Ventures

‘Akashic Ventures has an inclusive company ethos where we encourage individuals to believe that they can be the best version of themselves. Our mentoring and training not only develops professional skills but helps with individuals self-esteem, confidence and expectations of what they can achieve in their life,’ Aaron Passley, Managing Director of Akashic Ventures.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private Hire Event Marketing?

Event marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of direct marketing and advertising in the sales and marketing industry. Event marketing involves face-to-face interaction and the events are set up in spaces where brand ambassadors can approach consumers in a friendly and professional manner, and give them a 60-90 second presentation about the product and service we are promoting for our client.

How do I spot an Event Marketing Site?

An event marketing site ordinarily consists of a team of 2-3 friendly and sales and marketing professionals with a branded stand and banner promoting a business’s product or service to consumers in the area.

Why do clients hire us for event marketing services?

Brands today are increasingly looking to outsource their sales and marketing needs because they don’t have the operations for their in-house teams or they need to enhance their brand presence and customer portfolio quickly.

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