Aaron Passley explores why the sales and marketing industry is perfect for professional growth

Aaron Passley, Managing Director of Akashic Ventures, wants to alter the misconception that greed drives individuals who go into sales and marketing. He believes that this stigma is out-dated and now the industry is driven by a wave of millennials who use it for their own self-development. It is no lie that sales and marketing offer people with the opportunity to build their own business eventually but the traits, which people can acquire along this journey, make them extremely employable and versatile to other industries.

Akashic Ventures take the personal development of their workforce very seriously, seeing it as one of the key drawing points of getting into direct sales and marketing. Through their business development programme, they offer each contractor mentorship and education on how they can develop as a business professional. The programme involves a series of workshops and in the field training on the traits needed to be successful in business. While it is the hope of Aaron Passley for his workforce to each become successful entrepreneurs within their own right, he also considers this opportunity as the perfect environment for young professionals to hone skills transferable to any industry.

In a recent workshop, Akashic Ventures outlined to their workforce the key transferable skills that can be taken from the industry:

Relationship management

Sales and Marketing are centred on teamwork and it is important for individuals to develop expert skills of communication in order for the team to achieve their goals.


To achieve success contractors have to be organised. This is a skill that is taught as a necessity within the industry and is one that is expected for individuals to climb the career ladder.


It is no mystery that starting out in any industry can be daunting. The first few days in the sales and marketing sector can be tough, but Aaron Passley assures his contractors that the industry gives professionals a sense of fearlessness unlike any other.


The range of clients one has to deal with within sales and marketing means that professionals have to be adaptable to new situations. Versatility is something individuals learn to pick up claims Aaron Passley and something that is essential in a range of jobs beyond direct sales and marketing.

With these traits, Akashic believes any individual can make it in the business world within any position. Akashic hope that their business development programme can erase the misconception that greed drives the sales and marketing industry, but instead provides a structure for individuals to create their own future.

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