Akashic Venture unveils personalised marketing techniques in Leeds

Exciting new sales and marketing firm Akashic Ventures is bringing a touch of personalisation to the marketing industry in Leeds. Here the firm shares what separates them from other forms of marketing.

Akashic Ventures are Leeds’s newest event marketing company, they have opened to offer low risk, high return outsourcing solutions for brands, big and small. They offer a unique personalised service for businesses looking to develop localised brand awareness and increase overall market share. Their professional team of independent brand ambassadors will form an additional customer sales support branch for their clients. The firm’s high-energy promotions are a great way to communicate the brand vision and endorse new products.

As traditional marketing methods become more costly and outdated, Akashic Ventures shares their top three reasons why brands should consider face to face marketing:

Face-to-face selling builds relationships and ultimately builds trust – Consumers look to work with like-minded brands that care about their individual circumstances. Face to face marketing allows a personal relationship to be made between brand and customer. This creates a relaxed platform where personalisation occurs naturally and trust is built between both parties.

A high level of personal service leads to additional referrals, which can result in increased sales – Face to face sales allows for natural referrals to take place. When friends or family recommend a brand, value is added to the sales process through the Jones effect. The face to face platform allows the conversation to flow naturally, and body language creates a greater overall impression of how the customer experience is being received.

Face-to-face selling simplifies an otherwise complex sales process, getting to “yes” faster. Additionally, face to face promotions allow for targeted market segmentation. In this relaxed environment, product benefits can be highlighted, and any concerns can be addressed to reassure the customer and make decision making easier. Akashic Ventures utilises only the best representation for their clients, and their product training creates a uniform representation for clients that will enhance overall customer experience.

Akashic Ventures are Leeds’s newest event marketing company. Using dynamic and engaging campaigns, the firm can connect with their client’s customers on face to face basis. The company is confident that their professional and personalised services will develop a high ROI, and offer customers a pay on results contract. The firm looks to work seamlessly with their clients’ brand vision, providing additional sales support without the costly overheads.