Akashic Ventures explore new methods of dealing with stress in the work environment

Akashic Ventures understand that the Christmas period is often extremely stressful for those in the sales and marketing industry. With the commission based structure of the industry, Akashic Ventures, understand that the prospect of failure during Christmas can create a vast amount of stress for those who need the extra capital to pay their way. However, they are confident that if their contractors listen to their training, they will have the skills necessary to maximise their profits in a season that is often associated with high expenditure. The firm wants their contractors to take advantage of the final quarter of 2017, instead of stressing about failure.

The Managing Director, Aaron Passley, recently released a statement on the issue, stating:

“Christmas is a time for our sales representatives to maximise their sales. People are looking to spend, and I want my workforce to use this to their advantage rather than cower away in fear of failure.”

With this in mind, Akashic Ventures are keen to minimise the levels of anxiety in their workforce to prepare them for the season ahead. They have focused this week’s workshop on ways in which their workforce can reduce their anxiety levels. Their key tips are as follows:

Accept failure will happen

“Failure is inevitable in sales,” states Mr Passley but the firm is keen for their contractors to understand that failing to make a sale is part of life in the industry and must be accepted.

Act don’t react

Following this, Akashic Ventures are keen for their contractors to act on their failures than respond in an overly emotional way. They accept that professionals should take time to reflect but want their workforce to try and minimise their emotions and act instead of reacting.

Take care of the things you can control

They also believe that while individuals cannot manage the perceptions of someone else they should attempt to control everything else. This includes their appearance, communication skills and how they take care of themselves out of hours.  The firm believes that all these things increase their workforce’s chances of success in a sales pitch.


Finally, the firm is keen for their contractors to practice their pitches for them to feel comfortable with how to begin their interactions in the field.  Managing Director, Aaron Passley is interested in his workforce to see the area as their stage and understand that much like professional performers, practice makes perfect and serves an essential function in minimising stress.

Moving forward, Akashic Ventures hope their contractors take on board their advice and are adamant that if they take on board these essential tips, they will be able to reduce their anxieties and in turn hit or exceed their sales targets.


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