Akashic Ventures’ Outlines How Successful Leadership is About Creating Opportunity

As a company that invests in supporting the next generation of sales and marketing talent, Akashic Ventures recently spoke on how the central role of leadership should always be to share knowledge and create new leaders.

Akashic Ventures is Leeds’ newest event marketing company. The firm’s collective of passionate marketing professionals creates dynamic and engaging spaces to interact with consumers on a face-to-face basis. Working on behalf of the UK’s most exciting brands Akashic Ventures work to increase customer acquisitions and promote a positive brand awareness even in the most competitive markets.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for their services, Akashic Ventures has invested heavily in developing the next generation of sales and marketing leaders, to help the industry meet client demand. To accomplish this mission the firm has created several opportunities for young industry professionals, such as optional skill workshops, one on one mentoring and a UK wide network of support and inspiration.

Akashic Ventures believes that in the evolving business world, a role of a leader has changed and rather than concentrating on results alone, leaders must now focus on the number of new leaders they are helping to cultivate. Developing the leadership capabilities of others is becoming paramount due to the speed in which the business landscape is moving and now to get ahead, companies need to be constantly looking for new growth opportunities.

Akashic Ventures is confident that to create new talent, leaders need to be tuned into what drives people and take the time and care to help them to find and connect with their passions. Doing so will inspire aspiring leaders to take more initiative and responsibility, which will not only allow them to overcome challenges faster but will drive the overall performance of the company.

Akashic Ventures is adamant that to successfully create new leaders, companies need to do more to ensure they are providing tools and platforms to help people make the most of their natural talents and set them on the right path for long-term success.

‘We have made it a priority to offer people everything they need to succeed in our industry and understand that for our company to thrive, we need to be giving back to the people who turn up every day and go above and beyond the call of duty. Therefore, we will continue to offer everyone the opportunity to learn the lessons of leadership and take on new challenges and responsibilities.’ Stated a spokesperson for Akashic Ventures.