Akashic Ventures respond to Richard Branson’s top tip for young professionals: “Just do it”

Akashic Ventures are keen for their young professionals to look to successful business professionals for inspiration but want their workforce to be cautious absorbing everything they hear. The prime example they are using this week comes from Richard Branson who asked young professionals around the world to “Just do it”. While the sentence has punch, Akashic Ventures are strong advocates that a planned approach to business success reaps rewards.

There is no doubt that Richard Branson is one of the most successful people on the planet, and is a source of inspiration for most entrepreneurs. However, Akashic Ventures are keen that their contractors take his most recent statement with a pinch of salt. While the phrase “Just do it” might influence their workforce to get on with their work rather than procrastinating, they are scared it may influence hasty decision making, something the firm does not advocate. The firm has provided their contractors with three key tips to planning ahead:

Use your Sunday

The most successful individuals always plan ahead. The Managing Director, Aaron Passley, suggests his workers use their Sunday to plan both their social and business-related activities so they have a rough plan for the week ahead. On top of this, he believes that setting weekly goals on a Sunday can give you the direction you need to have a productive week,

Set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals.

Akashic Ventures believe that it is important for their professionals to take the time to make sure they have a vague plan of what they want to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly and ultimately annual basis. The company are firm believers that aiming for a big annual goal and then breaking this down will give them the direction needed to be successful.

Set reminders

“We are only human, we forget things”, states Akashic Ventures’ managing director. As a result, he asks his contractors to utilise reminder tools on their smartphone to make sure they are working toward deadlines to get things done.

With these tips in place, Akashic Ventures are certain that their workforce will be ready to make informed decisions in both their social and business life. While everyone occasionally needs someone telling them to “just do it” in their lives, they are certain that by planning ahead their contractors will be more successful.


Source: https://leadx.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/LEADx-Branson-Leadership-Secrets-v1b.pdf