Akashic Ventures Responds to £9m Business Boost

Leeds based Akashic Ventures has voiced their support for the proposed £9m investment in business innovation in the city and outlined how this pledge will help them in their mission to grow the region’s sales and marketing sector.  

The West Yorkshire Combined Investment Committee has announced that it will support local businesses with a £9m financial injection to boost business growth, innovation and productivity. Akashic Ventures, one of Leeds’ youngest event marketing companies, welcomes this investment: “This is great news for our economy and will help create jobs for local people”, says a spokesperson of Akashic Ventures. With the approval of this new funding, grants of between £10,000 and £250,000 will be made available for businesses across the region. This is on top of an existing investment of £18m to create over 4,000 new jobs.

Akashic Ventures agrees that the aim of this venture is to encourage innovation and strengthen business confidence and growth, so local companies can reach their growth ambitions and ‘give back’ by creating new jobs. “We would like to see the Leeds City Regions to become one of the best places in Great Britain to innovate and grow a business”, explains a spokesperson of Akashic Ventures. Increasing opportunities in the region and the support given to small businesses are the main reason why the firm has chosen to open up in Leeds.

Being one of the newest editions in the event marketing sector, Akashic Ventures creates dynamic and creative sales and marketing campaigns to promote and sell their clients’ products and services. The firm acquires new customers, focuses on building loyalty and creates a positive brand image for their clients’ brands. Akashic Ventures works with aspiring sales and marketing entrepreneurs and offers the relevant support and guidance to help them branch out on their own and establish their successful enterprises. It has become a core mission for Akashic Ventures to support entrepreneurs and encourage business growth, as they believe it to be integral to help the sales and marketing industry establish strong roots and thrive in the region.

Akashic Ventures actively supports this pledge. By investing in the area, young business professionals are given an opportunity to follow their dreams and start their own ventures, and instead of leaving their home towns, they are encouraged to invest in their own future and strengthen the region’s economy by creating a strong market place for themselves and further generations.