Akashic Ventures Urge Entrepreneurs to Define their Success

Akashic Ventures have released a controversial statement that success is impossible to achieve if people fail to define it. Here the firm has spoken out on why professionals need to find a way of measuring their achievements.

Leeds based event marketing company, Akashic Ventures work with many young entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, offering them the chance to be part of the firm’s Business Development Opportunity. This business opportunity provides these young entrepreneurs with the support required to help them reach their goals; Akashic Ventures mentor and teach sales skills, leadership skills, time management, financial administration, and business management through a variety of workshops, seminars and industry conferences.

Before embarking on the program, Akashic Ventures ensure that participating individuals define their short term and long-term goals; the company believe that it is important for people to define what success means to them before commencing their journey so that they will have a clear idea of when they have reached their goals.

Identified in the dictionary as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’, success is different for each person since they will have a different idea of what the ‘aim’ or ‘purpose’ means to them.  Because everyone has a different idea of what success is, if a person hasn’t defined success, then they will have no way of measuring whether or not they have achieved it.  For some, success is purely financial, but for others, success may include the ability to make a difference in the community or the world, being able to make a decent living (financially) while having the flexibility to spend time with friends and loved ones. To own a company that is steadily growing in size and revenue is also considered a success for some.

Working on behalf of the UK’s most exciting brands, Akashic Ventures increase customers acquisitions and promote a positive brand awareness for businesses operating in some of the most competitive markets. With a collective of passionate marketing professionals, all on the journey to success, Akashic Ventures states that people need to set their measurements of success by asking questions that can only fully be answered when success has been accomplished.

Source: https://www.inc.com/serhat-pala/defining-success-is-a-crucial-step-for-entrepreneu.html