“Calculated risks separate you from the competition” – Akashic Ventures’ Aaron Passley delves into the importance of risk-taking in the entrepreneurial world

Akashic Ventures believe that risk-taking is one of the most critical aspects of business. In each of the company’s workshops, it drives this point, looking for individuals like Gary Vaynerchuk and Steve Jobs as examples of those entrepreneurs who took risks and received a huge payoff. The Managing Director, Aaron Passley, has this week released the key reasons he believes that risk-taking is so crucial in the sales and marketing industry and has relayed them back to his contractors in hopes that these ideas will inspire his workforce to put themselves out there in more ambitious ways.                  

This week he will be utilising his morning workshops to divulge the key reasons why his workforce should take “calculated risks’:

1)    They create new opportunities

“By putting yourself out there, you are more likely to create new opportunities,” claims Mr Passley. By this, he means that his contractors may be able to tap into an unknown demographic if they expose themselves to customers who they would otherwise refuse to approach. Mr Passley is looking for his recruits to incorporate an element of fearlessness into their work ethic to make sure they test every water and see which demographic their client’s product works best with and then capitalise on it.

2) Risk-taking reaps more reward

The firm is warning contractors that making sales from those whom they are most comfortable will not provide the same pay off as winning over those who provide more of a challenge. It wants contractors to challenge themselves consistently and know that they will reap a more positive psychological pay off if they expose themselves to those they would otherwise steer clear off.

With Christmas fast approaching, Aaron Passley, a seasoned sales veteran is hoping his contractors take advantage of a period where risk-taking reaps the most reward. Put simply, people are more likely to buy commodities during Christmas, and this offers sales representatives with an opportunity to exceed their sales targets, but only if they take risks and expose themselves to new possibilities. Mr Passley understands that sales representatives can often shy away during Christmas due to the enormity of the task ahead, but he is asking each of his workforces to trust in his experience that risk-taking will give them the vast opportunity.


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270320