You have to be a hustler if you want to be successful claims Akashic Ventures

For entrepreneurs that want to make it into the illustrious top 1%, being a hustler will get them there, claims Leeds-based Akashic Ventures.   

Though many connote the term ‘hustler’ with fraudulent or unscrupulous methods, it can be used directly to describe an enterprising person determined to succeed – a go-getter.

An entrepreneur should want to be described as a hustler by everyone; by their peers, their customers and even their competition. Successful entrepreneurs do not wait for an opportunity to fall in their lap. Rather, they go out and make it happen! Quoting Abraham Lincoln, Akashic Venture’s CEO, Aaron Passley, notes that “things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

A hustler can be recognised by many traits. For example, a true hustler understands the importance of networking. “Hiding in a corner and keeping things to yourself will not breed success,” states Akashic Ventures. The best entrepreneurs are consistently networking, with other entrepreneurs and with industry contacts. It’s where a lot of new opportunities, partnerships and success originates. As Mr Passley contends, “You have to constantly have your feelers out for new opportunities. Your competition will catch and pass you the minute you become idle.”

Another thing that sets hustlers apart from the rest is their level of focus. The best will eat, sleep and breathe whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish. Everyone has responsibilities outside of their career, but those who retain a laser-like focus on their goals will accomplish more. What’s more, a great hustler genuinely cares about helping other people. Entrepreneurship is about forming relationships thus, the best hustler-entrepreneurs know that trust is crucial. “When you help others, it often comes back tenfold in the form of business relationships and opportunities,” shares Akashic Ventures.

A hustler isn’t afraid to dream the ridiculous, take a risk and learn from their mistakes. Akashic Ventures understands that there is no limit on what one can envision or dream. It takes a strong character to stay resolute in their goals – it’s the small percentage of entrepreneurs that wouldn’t even consider quitting that are the true hustlers. What if they fail? A hustler will get back up and try again.

Akashic Ventures are Leeds’ newest event marketing company. The company creates dynamic and engaging spaces to meet and interact with consumers on a face-to-face basis. Their team consists of highly trained contractors, who work to increase customer acquisitions and promote an active awareness of clients’ business brands. Akashic Ventures teaches sales, leadership, time management, and financial administration skills as part of their development opportunity.