Put these books on your “must read” list to become a better leader claims Akashic Ventures

Leeds-based direct marketing and sales firm, Akashic Ventures attribute much of their success to having strong leadership capabilities. The firm has discussed the books they believe entrepreneurs should put on their must read list to become a better leader. 

Effective Leadership is an essential skill for any budding entrepreneur. Akashic Ventures look to inspire success in their independent contractors, and often look to encourage development through reading. The firm has taken the time to research top reads to challenge: “How diverse is your network? Are you courageous enough to abandon the past? Where are you looking to anticipate change?”

Firstly, Akashic Ventures explores literature that covers ‘how diverse is your network.’

Being able to collaborate with a diverse network will catapult a career to new levels, top entrepreneurs have mastered critical skills required to communicate with multiple groups and individuals effectively.

The Social Animal – David Brooks – Random House, 2012. This book explores the importance of creating a diverse network, and the book hones in on a relationship developed between two characters raised on opposite ends of the social spectrum.

The Idea of Justice – Amartya Sen – Belknap Press, 2011. This book allows the reader to understand the importance of perspective. A multi-focus book that post read will allow the reader to identify more grey shades in business.

Being able to abandon the past, is critical for career progression. Akashic Ventures highlight top reads that will draw focus on moving forward and inspire action.

What Matters Now – Gary Hamel – Jossey-Bass, 2012. Focussing on failing businesses, this book offers case studies on the ultimate comebacks, by remodelling business goals and figuring out modern ways of finding success.

Mandela – Anthony Sampson – Vintage Books, 2000. The authorised biography creates a well-rounded insight into how Nelson Mandela was shaped by the world he lived in. A great read for anyone looking to inspire change.

Sustainable success requires adaptability, through both individual and business, Akashic Ventures highlight top reads on the topic.

The Five Traits of Highly Adaptive Leadership Teams – Roselinde Torres and Nneka Rimmer – BCG Perspectives, December 21, 2011. A great read for leaders looking to add flair to their skills.  Entrepreneurs should consistently look to improve their leadership qualities and add value to their ventures.

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Source: http://ideas.ted.com/what-it-takes-to-be-a-great-leader-a-recommended-reading-list/