“Small but powerful” – Akashic Ventures reflect on the importance of quality over quantity

Akashic Ventures are only small, but they have big ambitions. In a recent interview, the managing director has stated that he considers his firm “small but powerful”, believing that his choice to hire quality candidates over large numbers sets his firm apart from his competitors.

Aaron Passley is confident that his unique in-depth interview process allows his management team to uncover their true potential. The interview process has three stages:

Initial Interview

This stage is like a usual interview. Akashic Ventures use this stage to get a feel for their interviewees and get a first glimpse of whether they have the charisma needed to make a solid impact in sales.

The observation day

Aaron Passley considers this stage the more unique aspect of his recruitment process. Interviewees who are successful at stage one will be asked to shadow a sales team, attending an event. Here they will be asked to complete a range of tasks and have a go at selling the brands the firm works for. This stage is considered the most important, as it is often the moment Aaron is confident that his new recruit has what it takes.

Final Interview

This stage usually involves explaining in greater detail what the role involves and further questions on whether they are ready for a job like this. Usually, finishing with an offer.

Moving into the future, Akashic Ventures want to maintain this focus on quality over quantity. In a recent interview, managing director Aaron Passley stated:

“Sales and Marketing firms often focus on hiring as many people as possible. I consider this a waste of time. I instead want to maintain the quality of my contractors.” He is confident his structure works, but also wants to make it clear that his firm is planning major expansion moving into the final quarter of 2017, stating:

“We now have the internal structure to grow at a steady rate while maintaining the quality of our candidates. Things are looking good moving into Q4. We are small but powerful now, but this won’t last forever.”

With this in mind, Akashic Ventures are looking to take on a range of new clients and hopes to maintain the quality of their workforce in order to continue their tradition of providing a guaranteed ROI for their client’s investments.