“Stop saying hurry up”, Akashic Ventures delve into the importance of patience in business

Akashic Ventures Managing Director Aaron Passley is keen to get his workforce thinking about patience, arguing that it is one of the best qualities of successful entrepreneurs. He understands how the run-up to Christmas can often be a stressful time and is a firm believer that a little bit of patience can go a long way. He will be utilising this week’s workshop to spread this message in an attempt to prepare his team for the big push in Q4.

The firm observed from their previous performance in Q4 that their sales team rushed into opportunities during the lead up to Christmas and did not always reach their targets. Akashic Ventures realise that their commission based structure means their workforce are responsible for their own financial future and that the Christmas period places a lot of stress on individuals to either save or generate more capital. This often leads their contractors to attempt to generate sales unnaturally and stray from the firms tried and tested method.

With Christmas around the corner, Akashic Ventures are using this week to spell out three of the most important reasons patience is key in business:

Provides better judgement

The firm is confident that being patient will allow their contractors to get rid of undesirable thoughts that can cloud judgement. By thinking of “what-if” constantly, contractors may put at risk their capacity to make sound judgements. Patience helps representatives have the mindfulness to stop for a while and reflect on the present moment and then act on those judgements.

Increases levels of tolerance

“Challenges are a natural part of running a business”, claims Managing Director Aaron Passley. He wants his contractors to understand that high levels of tolerance come with patience. Those with high levels of tolerance are able to accept failure and move past it in order to reach their goals.

Good Things come to those who wait

Science shows that those who wait are often far more successful than those who jump into things too quickly. There is a huge body of evidence that suggests that those with longer-term goals (goals which take over tow months) often receive a higher serotonin release when they achieve these goals.

Moving forward, Aaron Passley is confident his workforce will take on board these reasons and attempt to work on their levels of patience in preparation for the final quarter of 2017. He is keen to continue the firm’s steady growth and believes if his workforce continues to work on traits like these they will continue to add to the firm’s development both within 2017 and into 2018.


Source: http://www.harrismyers.com/blog/important-patience-business/