Want to be Happier? Pursue Entrepreneurship states Akashic Ventures

Akashic Venture’s Managing Director Aaron Passley is a firm believer that entrepreneurship is the path to true accomplishment, gratitude and happiness. Recently, the firm released a statement on why entrepreneurs are some of the happiest, most fulfilled people on the planet. 

Akashic Ventures is the newest event-marketing agency to hit the streets of Leeds, with a new vision for the future of the industry. The firm develops dynamic and unique events where they can provide high levels of customer interaction on a face-to-face basis. The company specialises in bespoke campaigns that fit specifically to a client’s needs, with positive testimonials that speak for themselves.

A recent study supports Mr Passley’s theory that owning a business is a direct path to happiness, stating that a massive 81% of small business owners regard their entrepreneurship as the primary reason for happiness in both their professional and personal lives. The study goes on to explore the reasons behind the astounding statistic, primarily due to optimistic entrepreneurial qualities, financial security and more extensive plans for business growth.

Despite the significant statistic that correlates small business owners to high levels of happiness, this is not a new finding. These results are consistent with a similar study, exploring that entrepreneurs lead happier and more fulfilling lives. This supporting survey of 197,000 small business owners found high levels of satisfaction, with particular emphasis on developing economies. A number of reasons behind this put emphasis on a sense of ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ having direct and positive effects on professional well-being.

Akashic Ventures has been a supporter of encouraging entrepreneurship within its staff since the company’s inception. Mr Passley has stated that the company believes this to be an exciting opportunity and outlines a couple of the reasons behind professional happiness:

  1. The ability to provide opportunities to people you can count on Akashic Ventures has a hugely productive and dedicated workforce, Mr Passley defines the reason behind this as having an active hand in the onboarding process. “When searching for new candidates you want to know that you can count on them, you want people who want to progress and have great entrepreneurial potential.”
  2. Create your ideal environment: As an entrepreneur, you can set your limits, your physical environment, and your position within the company. Managing Director, Mr Passley explores this within his own company “If something isn’t working, you change it. That’s the beauty of owning your own business. You can change anything that isn’t working”.

Mr Passley continues to state how he wishes to encourage entrepreneurship qualities within the Akashic Ventures family and urges other new businesses to follow their example. The company emphasises the happiness that comes with owning a business and reiterates that accomplishment, gratitude and personal success is the path to true happiness.